First Giveaway-Photo Canvas Ended 8/26/11

Show some love to win a canvas print!

Did you read my recent post about Bags of Love?  They have a sister company:  Photo Canvas.  Isn’t this a cool canvas print of old images of London?

Read some of the reviews and testimonials of Photo Canvas, and check out the quality of their canvas prints to see what makes Photo Canvas better.

I know you have a plethora of photos you would love to see in canvas.  Oh, you do, you say?  Well, Photo Canvas is graciously giving one of my readers a 30cm x 40cm (12″ x 16″) canvas print (valued at £39 or $63)  which will look awesome in your family room or bedroom!

Wanna win?

Simple rules ’cause I’m a simple gal.   All I ask is you check out Bags of Love and Photo Canvas and come back to tell me what item(s) you covet.  Make sure to leave your email address.  For an extra entry, tweet about this giveaway with a link to this post and leave me a link to your tweet.   This contest is open to all US and UK residents.  The contest ends at 9:00 p.m.  (central time) on August 26, 2010 at which time a winner will be randomly drawn.  Good luck!

Disclosure: I have not received any items from Photo Canvas.  I have received the gift of a personalized shopper’s bag from their sister company,  Bags of Love.  This giveaway is generously sponsored by Photo Canvas.


Bags of Love

I know–you love it!

Bags of Love, a London UK company, provides mail-order personalized gifts and photo gifts worldwide.   I am the lucky recipient of this amazing Shopper Bag, and what—who are those adorable kids on the bag?  Hum, my bonus grandbabies!  This bag is wonderfully crafted.  It is made of very high quality vinyl on the outside with real leather handles.  The inside of the bag is lined and waterproof so I can take it to the pool or beach! Plus, it’s big: 13.5 x 13.5 x 5 inches, and I have it stuffed with all kinds of beach supplies, towels, and there’s still room.   The photo is printed on canvas and believe me, I don’t see how it would ever rip, fade or shred.  It’s actually pretty amazing.

Bags of Love prides itself on researching supplies and materials that will work with your photos.  They have a huge supply of products, some I never thought would work with photos, yet amazingly they do!  It was fun picking out my favorite photos and using their easy system to view how my pics would appear on their products.   I definitely have a cool picture that would work great on the Italian leather Luxury Photo Bag. . . or a cool pillowcase.  Anybody need a birthday gift idea for me?!

If you’re worried about purchasing products from the UK, worry no more.  My bag was shipped via FedEx and arrived in about three days!  Talk about instant gratification!

Hum, the more I think about that Italian leather bag. . . .

Disclosure:  I received the shopper bag as a gift from Bags of Love, however, the opinions of the bag are my own.

Antique Loo Sign

Notice: I now charge 25 cents (inflation).

In my ongoing quest to have an über cool  laundry room (which also has a bathroom), I found this little gem at an antique store in Jamesport, Missouri.  Jamesport is an Amish town that I used to adore visiting, but it’s become one of those too-touristy, kinda running down towns.  However, there are still a couple of neat antique stores there, and I do so love visiting them when I’m in the area.

I’ve been looking for an antique bathroom sign, preferably metal from an old gas/filling station, and while this one, being stock paper with an old frame, didn’t quite fit my vision, I found it very charming and for $15.00 my large man-hands grabbed it and ran to the register!  It appears to have been made in what I would take to be 1909.

It’s got interesting information on the back of the frame which, now that I think about it, makes sense.  It’s not like 100 years ago one could run to Michael’s and pick up a frame!

What, no zip code for NY necessary?

The Picture Moulding and Picture Frame Code Authority?
Imagine making that crazy group mad!  Ooh, scary!

I might have to increase my toilet fees to pay for more antique and thrift finds!

Homemade Chevre

Is there such a thing as the Goat Police?

I started making cheese about two years ago when a former coworker introduced me to his newest hobby: homemade feta cheese.  I made the feta and realized I no longer needed a grocery store to buy feta cheese.  I so love my homemade feta.  Sublime.

In turn, I introduced a dear friend to the making of feta and she took it a step further: chevre.  Oh my.  I can’t stop making it.  I’ve been buying my goat milk at the grocery store, but have tried to buy it from local goat farmers.  The problem is that they can not sell the milk for human consumption, only baby goat consumption.  Baaaa (my whine-aware it’s a sheep sound—how does one bleat?).  Apparently there are different methods/rules of sanitation for processing to allow for the milk to be sold for humans.  Blah, blah.  However, I’m really tempted to buy some for “my baby goat” (some kids have imaginary friends, mine just happens to be a goat) and try it.  I mean, seriously, in the “olden days” didn’t people drink fresh goat milk?  What, are the Goat Police going to arrest me?  I’d love to hear from some goat “professionals” on this.

Regardless, I adore my goat cheese.  Better Half and I eat it plain, with roasted garlic,  sprinkled with various herbs and spices, etc.  Visit Fias Co Farm for the recipe I use.

Baaa Baaa.

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