Ruffled Toiletry Bag

Fancy schmancy for deodorant!

I wanted a pretty toiletry bag that was big enough to hold not only my war paint, but a toothbrush, hairbrush, even a bottle of shampoo.  I have such a large stash of fabric and supplies that I figured even I, impatient I, could whip up (famous last words) a toiletry bag.

Honestly, the bag itself wasn’t difficult, but I decided to kick it up a notch by adding a simple ruffle after the bag was finished.  Yeah, easy to sew, NOT!  In full disclosure, I wanted the ruffle because I hated the way the zipper looked (there’s a reason why I quilt–no zippers).

I used a toile medium-weight tapestry fabric.  After determining the size of bag I wanted, I cut out two identical pieces of fabric twice the length of the bag I wanted (I’ll explain why in a minute) and with right sides facing each other, sewed the two long sides and one short side together so the inside lining would match the outside.  I turned the fabric inside out and folded it in half.  The reason I did this was so that there would be no seams on the inside of the bag.  Clever, no?   On the unfinished short end I added the zipper (12″ zipper).

The ruffle/handle is a 6″ wide piece of coordinating fabric which I sewed into a tube, and pressed with the seam in the middle.  I stupidly added the ruffle after the zipper.  It worked; it was just hard sewing with the zipper and so many layers of fabric in place.   I added two vintage buttons on the top and both sides of the ruffle (near the handle-helps with support) and viola!  A Ruffled Toiletry Bag!  (I really stink at giving directions, don’t I?  It’s the thought that counts.)

Something tells me my ideas/projects will never make it to CraftGossip!


For The Love of Fall

You Gotta Love Fall

I love bonfires.  I love s’mores.  I love shivering and then warming up next to a fire with a glass of wine or champagne.  I love burnt hot dogs.  I love orange.  I love pumpkins.  I love the yellow and red leaves falling, ever so gently, from trees reluctant to part with their beauty.  I love seeing Better Half wearing flannel shirts and chopping wood.  I love sitting in my deer stand (yes, I really do!).  Wait; let me clarify that last statement.  I love sitting in my deer stand not shivering and not getting wet.  I love seeing deer grazing casually through the woods.  I love scampering squirrels gathering nuts.  I love that my cat gets to come inside and cuddle with me by the wood stove.  I love gathering and decorating with bittersweet.  I love going to Better Half’s home town and visiting with family and friends that I love so much.  I love chili and stew.

I love knitting pumpkins like that cute ‘lil pumpkin above.  For a free pattern, please visit This Cosy Life Patterns.

I love autumn.

Earring Holder

I have an addiction, and I have it bad.  Earrings: dangling, sparkly, handmade, unusual, antique, retro—you name it, I covet.  I don’t covet other jewelry, just earrings, and I’m not particularly fond of posts, but give me a pair of dangling earrings, and I’m your gal for life!  I had three jewelry boxes holding my collection, but they looked goofy and dated on my dresser.  Then Better Half bought me beautiful bedroom furniture which has jewelry drawers in the upper portion of the dresser.  Trying to find my earrings in those drawers was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  Apparently Kincaid Furniture has an amount of jewelry that they deem reasonable for a collection.   Apparently Kincaid’s designers are men.  Urg.  I needed a solution.  I hit upon this idea and frankly, I was a little worried that Better Half (who on a whim can convince himself he’s a professional interior designer; so get ready because apparently leaving your jeans on the floor is a must for this year’s chic bedroom) would cringe when he saw my idea—he approves!

I take old picture frames (or in the case of the top holder, a very old wooden window screen with the screen already fitted) and paint them with black paint, fit them with screen, and hang ’em on the wall.  Pretty neat, eh?  Just poke my little bobs in and I’m set!

And no, this is only about half my collection of earrings. . . .

Old window screen prior to painting

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