Upcycled Gift Bag Tamer

Who’Da thunk it?

My buddy R and I were out antiquing when I spotted this little gem of a dusty, wire basket for a buck.  That’s right:  $1.  One George Washington.  Obviously the proprietor thought it was junk.   How could I pass it up?  I brought it home, stuck it in the garage, and waited for BH to ask me what on earth I brought home.  He did and naturally I indignantly replied that yes,  I most certainly did have plans for it.  Hum, plans….

How nifty is this idea?  I had a huge stash of gift bags and frankly, they’re a pain to keep corralled.  I cleaned up the basket, laid 47 (yes, 47) bags inside, and laced it with ribbon.  I hung my ginormous spool of ribbon from the bottom and voila!  BH hung it in my craft room, and I feel much more organized!  It’s easy to grab a bag from either the top opening or between the ribbon.

Try looking at old, discarded items in a new way.  Let the right side of your brain take over and think outside the box, or outside the basket.

It’s a good thing.


Antique Loo Sign

Notice: I now charge 25 cents (inflation).

In my ongoing quest to have an über cool  laundry room (which also has a bathroom), I found this little gem at an antique store in Jamesport, Missouri.  Jamesport is an Amish town that I used to adore visiting, but it’s become one of those too-touristy, kinda running down towns.  However, there are still a couple of neat antique stores there, and I do so love visiting them when I’m in the area.

I’ve been looking for an antique bathroom sign, preferably metal from an old gas/filling station, and while this one, being stock paper with an old frame, didn’t quite fit my vision, I found it very charming and for $15.00 my large man-hands grabbed it and ran to the register!  It appears to have been made in what I would take to be 1909.

It’s got interesting information on the back of the frame which, now that I think about it, makes sense.  It’s not like 100 years ago one could run to Michael’s and pick up a frame!

What, no zip code for NY necessary?

The Picture Moulding and Picture Frame Code Authority?
Imagine making that crazy group mad!  Ooh, scary!

I might have to increase my toilet fees to pay for more antique and thrift finds!

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