Upcycled Garden Trellis

Got wood?

Better Half and I love nature and natural looking surroundings.  That doesn’t mean we don’t have the odd man-made sculptural piece or two scattered throughout our gardens, but it does mean we try our darndest to use and reuse what nature has provided.   We’ve picked up and reused more rocks than anyone on the planet, and since we have a plethora of trees, we love to use the different wood for projects.  Who can improve on Mother Nature?

This 6′ garden trellis is last week’s project.  We used cedar trees we were thinning for the three legs and support beams.  Cedar was a natural choice since it’s basically rot resistant.  Instead of burn piles, why not use honor the trees and give them a second life?  We also have tons of grape vines and honeysuckle vines; those we used to wrap around the trellis.  Basically, we cut the three legs from the cedars to a height of about 6.5′.  We “teepee’d” the three legs and made support beams out of the remaining cedar pieces which we secured with wood screws we had on hand.  Then we had fun wrapping the vines all over the trellis.  From start to finish it took less than 2 hours, and we think our free trellis looks great.  (We even made another one that’s slightly different–I’ll show you another time!)

We will be planting cardinal vine on the trellis for the hummingbirds, and we think they too will appreciate the beauty of this natural, upcycled garden trellis!  Walking around the woods and thinking outside the box was a great way to spend the afternoon with Better Half!


Use It or Lose It

(Psst-I’m drinking “calm” Tazo!)

I have one very large set of dishes (Fiesta®) that BH and I bought on our honeymoon.  I have one 12 place setting of Oneida stainless silverware.  I use every single towel in my house.

My mother drives me bonkers because she has at least five sets of dishes and just as many sets of silverware. Reach for plates to set the table and she tells you no, not those plates.  She has beautiful crystal that lips have never touched. Towels that are look so soft and sumptuous.  Heaven forbid one should actually dry one’s hands on them.   She has jewelry from my great-grandmother and grandmother that never comes out of the safe.

I buy what I love and I use what I love.   Those beautiful handcrafted pottery mugs above?  Every single morning I drink my coffee from one of them.  I pick my mug according to my mood.  Feeling blue—yellow mug.   I’m slightly embarrassed by how much I’ve spent on this Alaskan potter’s work, but every piece is a memory and brings a smile to face.   I use them all the time: platters, bowls, pitchers, mugs, plates, etc.  My Bourbon Pecan Pralines–her candlestick.

This ring: my great-aunt who died from cancer two years ago.  She gave it to me when she discovered she had less than eight weeks to live.  At the time, her only pleasure left was to hand-pick personal, beloved items and know the person she bequeathed them to would love, use, and cherish them as she did.

Use it before you lose it. . . .

Antique Loo Sign

Notice: I now charge 25 cents (inflation).

In my ongoing quest to have an über cool  laundry room (which also has a bathroom), I found this little gem at an antique store in Jamesport, Missouri.  Jamesport is an Amish town that I used to adore visiting, but it’s become one of those too-touristy, kinda running down towns.  However, there are still a couple of neat antique stores there, and I do so love visiting them when I’m in the area.

I’ve been looking for an antique bathroom sign, preferably metal from an old gas/filling station, and while this one, being stock paper with an old frame, didn’t quite fit my vision, I found it very charming and for $15.00 my large man-hands grabbed it and ran to the register!  It appears to have been made in what I would take to be 1909.

It’s got interesting information on the back of the frame which, now that I think about it, makes sense.  It’s not like 100 years ago one could run to Michael’s and pick up a frame!

What, no zip code for NY necessary?

The Picture Moulding and Picture Frame Code Authority?
Imagine making that crazy group mad!  Ooh, scary!

I might have to increase my toilet fees to pay for more antique and thrift finds!

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