More Knit-A-Tit Yarn and Fiber Heroes!

Fiber love [sigh]!

If you could see this pile in person, you would swoon.   This picture does not do the incredibly large amount of fiber justice.  These are big boxes and I have them stuffed!

My dream job would be a yarn or fiber rep!  How awesome would it be to travel the US (or the World!) extolling the virtues of beautiful, luxurious, soft, gorgeous yarn?   Well, in a sense I am a yarn rep at this moment.  Below (in no particular order) are the amazing, generous, kind, supportive yarn or fiber spinners, dyers,  purveyors, crafters of all things lovely who have generously donated awesome yarn, fiber, door prizes, patterns, etc., all in the name of breast cancer.  Thank you for supporting Knit-A-Tit.  You gals and guys are every breast cancer survivor’s heroes.

South West Trading Company
Westminster Fibers
Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Cotton Clouds, Inc.
Dream in Color Yarn, Inc.

Mountain Colors

Ozark Handspun
Crystal Palace Yarns
Namaste Farms Wool and Fiber
Handwerks Textiles
Vintage Knits Wool Shoppe
Knit One Crochet Too
Brown Sheep Company
Stephanie Land (StephL on Ravelry)
Imperial Stock-Ranch Yarn
Wild Wind Naturals
Leisure Arts
Lydia Gessele (DakotaRose on Ravelry)
Miss Babs
Fairy Yarnmother

This last supporter is not a fiber lover, but as we all have heard from news reports, Vitamin D (or lack thereof) has a supporting role in breast health.  I have issues in that Vitamin D levels in my body, no matter how much milk I drink or sun I worship, stays at an unhealthy level.  I take calcium and Vitamin D every day.  So, here’s my Vitamin D of choice, and should be yours as well:  Wellesse.   They are always so kind, whenever I contact them, to send me samples for various cancer fundraising events–you guys rock!

Thanks everyone for the Knit-A-Tit love! Great karma definitely coming your way!


CraftGossip and EK Success Brands Super Swag!

I know, SWAG craziness!

I ♥  Every day around 6:00 a.m. an email pops up filled to the brim with all things craftsy.   A few weeks ago I applied and received this invite:

Saturday morning found me taking that long drive to Little Rock to meet and craft with four amazing CraftGossip editors and 19 other sweet, crafty bloggers.   Honestly, I’ve never been one to buy craft kits except for maybe the kiddies, but EK Success Brands®, who sponsored the event (and provided the delish food, awesome crafts and yes, the SWAG, oh the SWAG!), makes craft kits that are downright amazing!  I had no idea kits like these existed.  Where have I been?

If you think you have never seen EK Success Brands® products, think again.  You know those nation-wide craft stores, that big box store?  That’s where you’ll find them.  Want to preserve your memories?  Visit the scrapbook section and you’ll spot K&Company.  Want to be the next Martha Stewart?  How about Martha Stewart Crafts?  If you have an earring (or jewelry) fetish like me, you’ll swoon over Laliberi.  I think you see my point; EK Success has products for scrapbooking, stamping and paper crafting to jewelry making, needlecrafts and kids’ crafts.  Their products will totally inspire you.

CraftGossip; what can I say?  I love you guys.  Your Arkansas editors are the most down-to-earth, sweet, inspiring ladies.  Thank you for allowing me an opportunity of a lifetime to spend an afternoon with them and EK Success Brands®.  I’m ready for the next fun event!

CraftGossip's rockin' Arkansas Editors!

Now, the SWAG. . . .   Can you believe the above items EK Success Brands gave us?  It came in two ginormous bags and honestly, we were shocked and in awe!  I would estimate the cost of each person’s SWAG to be around $350+.  I still have mine laid out in our family room because I can’t stop looking at it!  I’ve already created items and can’t wait to see the kiddies so I can create more!  Thank you, thank you!

Dream. Make. Celebrate.

Unraveling. . . .

Yarn—not life!

Recently Better Half and I took off on some little jaunts to different parts of Missouri, one of our favorite states.  In a particularly nice little town deep in the heart of wine country (What-you’re unaware of Missouri’s history of wineries?  They were on to luscious grapes before Napa knew what hit ’em!) while strolling about a charming brick-lined street, I stopped in a second-hand store.  There it was:  an extra-large 100% bulky-cotton Gap sweater.  I’ve been wanting to try my hand at unraveling sweaters and recycling the yarn.  The sweater looked like it had never been worn.  I paid a whopping $1.50 and by the next day I had five HUGE balls of yarn.

Earlier this past year, my dear friend J had given me a pattern for a slouchy beret and while my recycled yarn was quite a bit thicker than the yarn required, I decided to give it a whirl.  Wowza, I had such fun.  I took my project with me while we traveled to the other side of Missouri to visit relatives and friends (J again!) and stare at our latest purchase: our new farm.  While knitting during the travels, BH and I talked about our dreams for our new farm and how we want to spend the remaining time we have together.  It was fun.  It was relaxing.  We took windy country roads.  We weren’t in a hurry to get anywhere.  We stopped and took cool pictures.

We unraveled. . . .

Give Me a Break!

I’m bored; or maybe I’m just boring.

I’m in a creative (or maybe a non-creative) funk.  Not really physically, but mentally.  I’ve been sewing, knitting, reading, going to physical therapy, exercising, visiting with family, etc., but I just can’t think of anything interesting to say on my blog, yummy things to cook, blah, blah, blah.  I’m going to take a break for a few days or so, enjoy a small road trip with Better Half, and pray for some creativity (which hopefully will result in some cool pictures).

I took a sewing class this week, which was über fun, and I’m working with a new friend on starting a knitting group, but still. . . . .  I need some inspiration.  For eons I’ve carted my camera with me wherever I go, but lately I find nothing inspiring enough to even makes me want to take a picture.   I haven’t been on Twitter, haven’t really checked my email, etc.  What’s wrong with me?  Is it the weather?  Do you feel this way?  Maybe after this week, all will change!

Wish me luck!

Saturday Snapshot


Our cat's new dog....

For this and other cute patterns (and fabrics) visit Badskirt.

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