Upcycled Gift Bag Tamer

Who’Da thunk it?

My buddy R and I were out antiquing when I spotted this little gem of a dusty, wire basket for a buck.  That’s right:  $1.  One George Washington.  Obviously the proprietor thought it was junk.   How could I pass it up?  I brought it home, stuck it in the garage, and waited for BH to ask me what on earth I brought home.  He did and naturally I indignantly replied that yes,  I most certainly did have plans for it.  Hum, plans….

How nifty is this idea?  I had a huge stash of gift bags and frankly, they’re a pain to keep corralled.  I cleaned up the basket, laid 47 (yes, 47) bags inside, and laced it with ribbon.  I hung my ginormous spool of ribbon from the bottom and voila!  BH hung it in my craft room, and I feel much more organized!  It’s easy to grab a bag from either the top opening or between the ribbon.

Try looking at old, discarded items in a new way.  Let the right side of your brain take over and think outside the box, or outside the basket.

It’s a good thing.


Antique Loo Sign

Notice: I now charge 25 cents (inflation).

In my ongoing quest to have an über cool  laundry room (which also has a bathroom), I found this little gem at an antique store in Jamesport, Missouri.  Jamesport is an Amish town that I used to adore visiting, but it’s become one of those too-touristy, kinda running down towns.  However, there are still a couple of neat antique stores there, and I do so love visiting them when I’m in the area.

I’ve been looking for an antique bathroom sign, preferably metal from an old gas/filling station, and while this one, being stock paper with an old frame, didn’t quite fit my vision, I found it very charming and for $15.00 my large man-hands grabbed it and ran to the register!  It appears to have been made in what I would take to be 1909.

It’s got interesting information on the back of the frame which, now that I think about it, makes sense.  It’s not like 100 years ago one could run to Michael’s and pick up a frame!

What, no zip code for NY necessary?

The Picture Moulding and Picture Frame Code Authority?
Imagine making that crazy group mad!  Ooh, scary!

I might have to increase my toilet fees to pay for more antique and thrift finds!

Ye olde Birdcage Birdfeeder

Snowman or feeder?

I do love a bargain.  I love it even more when Better Half loves a bargain which, when he’s shopping with me, doesn’t happen often.  However, this past week found us in the Big City with time to spare so we walked to an antique/junk store to waste an hour.  Honestly, I couldn’t find anything in this rather large store, which was shocking even to me, and was ready to leave when Better Half asked if I’d seen the birdcage outside the door.  Criminy, not this birdcage thingy again?

Better Half, for years, has reiterated to me his dream of owning an antique birdcage turned into a birdfeeder.  I just nod my head and start adding how many years before it doesn’t look strange for him to be put in a nursing home.  A birdcage birdfeeder?  Not on my watch!

I rolled my eyes, and walked to the front door.  OMG.  The birdcage of my his dreams.  I really saw his vision!  It was so cool, old, and heavy; about 3′ tall.  Even if the birdfeeder idea didn’t materialize, my mind was racing with things I could do with this gem.  I was dreading how much it was going to cost for this vision to become a reality, when the sweet little English proprietor said $12.  $12?  Are you serious?  SOLD!  We took the snowman, er, birdcage home, painted two planters to put inside it, filled the planters with birdseed and immediately birds flocked (haha) to it.  We had opened the doors to the cage so they could enter and leave, but I think now we’ll be closing them because these birds don’t believe in entering through the front door.  They enter through the “walls.”  It’s awesome.  We even have them sitting on the swings.  We’re thinking big-time now: more cages for a birdcage tree!

Jeez, now I’m going to have to look for a double bed at the nursing home. . . .

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