About Lisa & Karma

I’m a breast cancer survivor who loves her family and friends.  I have an awesome husband (Better Half), and I thank God every day he matched us together.  I have a beautiful, quirky daughter and two amazing stepsons who have great wives and make beautiful babies!  If I told you how great my three kids are you would gag–they and their rugrats are truly amazing.  I love being a relatively young Grammy–it’s the best job I’ve ever held!  I’m super crafty and have lots of ideas spinning around in this crazy head; I just want to try everything.  I love laughing, smiling, cooking, photography, reading, and antiques.  I also love fishing, canoeing, hunting, and other outdoor sports Better Half  loves because I love being with my very best friend.

I just want people to be nice and play fair because karma is a *#$@^!   Let’s all try to treat each other the way we want to be treated and find beauty and kindness every single day!

Email me at karmaperdiem@hotmail.com and I promise to reply.

Karma per diem!


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