Saturday Snapshot


Great Mammories….

Knit-A-Tit rocked!

Saturday was perfect.  Not only a perfect, sunny day; but perfect friends, perfect fiber, perfect support.   I would knit tits every Saturday with this amazing group of knitters and supporters.  There were men, women, and children coming and going all day!  I want to say THANKS again to all the wonderful, generous, supportive yarn or fiber spinners, dyers,  purveyors, crafters of all things lovely who generously donated awesome yarn, fiber, door prizes, patterns, etc., all in the name of breast cancer.  Lisa Ellison, owner of One City Market and hostess of Knit-A-Tit, is an amazing person, and I implore you to visit her amazing shop in the Ozarks–you won’t be disappointed!  Just plan on spending several hours there. . . .   Please show these wonderful supporters (listed in no particular order) some love when you purchase fiber:

South West Trading Company
Westminster Fibers
Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Cotton Clouds, Inc.
Dream in Color Yarn, Inc.

Mountain Colors

Ozark Handspun
Crystal Palace Yarns
Namaste Farms Wool and Fiber
Handwerks Textiles
Vintage Knits Wool Shoppe
Knit One Crochet Too
Brown Sheep Company
Stephanie Land (StephL on Ravelry)
Imperial Stock-Ranch Yarn
Wild Wind Naturals
Leisure Arts
Lydia Gessele (DakotaRose on Ravelry)
Miss Babs
Fairy Yarnmother
Wellesse (Vit. D)

Thanks everyone for the Knit-A-Tit love!

Saturday Snapshot

My three loves….


Ozarks Flood and Tornado of ’11

Pray. Just pray. Then donate.

The people of the Ozarks are resilient, but how much more can they take? We had over 30″ of rain at our house in about a week, but we’re the lucky ones.  These pictures are our neighbors:  two boat docks and a neighborhood all within “shooting” distance from our windows.

Now the people of Joplin are devastated.  Literally and figuratively torn apart from their homes and loved ones.  A tornado touched the edge of our property about four years ago while we were huddled in the only room in our house without windows: our hall closet.   A day after the Joplin tornado, we watched as another tornado skirted the skyline, crossed the river and, thankfully, never touched down.  God have mercy on the people of Joplin.  I cannot even begin to imagine the pain. . . .

“Thanks” to flood gates, the lakes are going down while the flooding on the river commences.  Will people rebuild and repair?  You bet they will.  They say time heals all wounds and no doubt this will be the case with this latest series of disasters.

Now, please pass on some good karma and donate no longer needed clothing, kitchen supplies, etc., to shelters to help those less fortunate.  Even better, pick up a new shirt at the store and drop it in the donate bin.  Mother Nature can be wicked; this could be you.

Do I Have a W(h)ine Problem?

Isn’t this how all tubs are used?

I do like good wine and bubbly; but I’m cheap.  Cheap, I tell ya!   Therefore, I whine about wine prices.  My solution:  homemade wine and bubbly.  Folks, I may live in the Ozarks, but the stuff I make ain’t moonshine and doesn’t taste like lighter fluid!

However, I still whine about wine.  I whine because I hate cleaning wine bottles.  Of course, once you clean a ton of them, you’re set— until you realize you’re hooked and you want to make even more wine or bubbly.

It’s a fun hobby for me and very gratifying to have really good wine or bubbly always on hand.  What got me started was when my dear friend C started making wine and bubbly and I saw she had about 1,500 bottles in her wine cellar!  She was (and still does) experimenting with different wines, liqueurs and bubbly, and that’s when it hit me:  I too am worthy of good bubbly!  Well, not worthy enough to buy $40 bottles of good bubbly, but worthy of $3 bottles of homemade bubbly!  Last year I made some killer blackberry liqueur which is awesome when added to the bubbly.  This year, guess what my blueberries will be doing?

Well, enough whining because it’s 5:00 somewhere! Cheers!

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