More Knit-A-Tit Yarn and Fiber Heroes!

Fiber love [sigh]!

If you could see this pile in person, you would swoon.   This picture does not do the incredibly large amount of fiber justice.  These are big boxes and I have them stuffed!

My dream job would be a yarn or fiber rep!  How awesome would it be to travel the US (or the World!) extolling the virtues of beautiful, luxurious, soft, gorgeous yarn?   Well, in a sense I am a yarn rep at this moment.  Below (in no particular order) are the amazing, generous, kind, supportive yarn or fiber spinners, dyers,  purveyors, crafters of all things lovely who have generously donated awesome yarn, fiber, door prizes, patterns, etc., all in the name of breast cancer.  Thank you for supporting Knit-A-Tit.  You gals and guys are every breast cancer survivor’s heroes.

South West Trading Company
Westminster Fibers
Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Cotton Clouds, Inc.
Dream in Color Yarn, Inc.

Mountain Colors

Ozark Handspun
Crystal Palace Yarns
Namaste Farms Wool and Fiber
Handwerks Textiles
Vintage Knits Wool Shoppe
Knit One Crochet Too
Brown Sheep Company
Stephanie Land (StephL on Ravelry)
Imperial Stock-Ranch Yarn
Wild Wind Naturals
Leisure Arts
Lydia Gessele (DakotaRose on Ravelry)
Miss Babs
Fairy Yarnmother

This last supporter is not a fiber lover, but as we all have heard from news reports, Vitamin D (or lack thereof) has a supporting role in breast health.  I have issues in that Vitamin D levels in my body, no matter how much milk I drink or sun I worship, stays at an unhealthy level.  I take calcium and Vitamin D every day.  So, here’s my Vitamin D of choice, and should be yours as well:  Wellesse.   They are always so kind, whenever I contact them, to send me samples for various cancer fundraising events–you guys rock!

Thanks everyone for the Knit-A-Tit love! Great karma definitely coming your way!


Knitting’s My Soul Saver

I think of nothing but the next stitch.

I’m not a great knitter; I’m not even very proficient, but I love it.  It soothes my soul, calms my mind, and makes my brain feel balanced.  I wish I had started knitting years ago, but alas, it’s really only been a few.  If you’ve been reading my blog you know this past year has been one of the worst of my life.  I never realized I could be betrayed by people I thought were friends, bosses I thought cared about me.   Money has a funny way of changing people, doesn’t it?   Yarn has yet to let me down, be it cheap or luxuriously expensive.  It’s smooth or bumpy, soft or scraggly, bright or subdued.  It only goes where I tell it to go.  It doesn’t take off on a tangent without my directions.  I like love that.

This is the year I swear I’m going to knit a sweater, but it’s already August, and I still don’t feel ready.  I want to do one in an incredibly soft alpaca, but jiminy crickets, the cost!  Better Half has been amazing watching baskets in our house fill up with yarn, but there’s got to be a limit!

Thank you fiber for being a good friend.  Thank you for introducing me to wonderful new fiber friends who make me laugh until I have to put my knitting down.  You’re pretty special to me, and I appreciate that you don’t get agitated at me during my insomnia; you always let me call you no matter the time.

Thank you for allowing me to escape to a place where people are kind and my mind is free of clutter.  You are a good friend, and I do believe I shall keep you for life.  Now, about that sweater. . . .

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