Earring Holder

I have an addiction, and I have it bad.  Earrings: dangling, sparkly, handmade, unusual, antique, retro—you name it, I covet.  I don’t covet other jewelry, just earrings, and I’m not particularly fond of posts, but give me a pair of dangling earrings, and I’m your gal for life!  I had three jewelry boxes holding my collection, but they looked goofy and dated on my dresser.  Then Better Half bought me beautiful bedroom furniture which has jewelry drawers in the upper portion of the dresser.  Trying to find my earrings in those drawers was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  Apparently Kincaid Furniture has an amount of jewelry that they deem reasonable for a collection.   Apparently Kincaid’s designers are men.  Urg.  I needed a solution.  I hit upon this idea and frankly, I was a little worried that Better Half (who on a whim can convince himself he’s a professional interior designer; so get ready because apparently leaving your jeans on the floor is a must for this year’s chic bedroom) would cringe when he saw my idea—he approves!

I take old picture frames (or in the case of the top holder, a very old wooden window screen with the screen already fitted) and paint them with black paint, fit them with screen, and hang ’em on the wall.  Pretty neat, eh?  Just poke my little bobs in and I’m set!

And no, this is only about half my collection of earrings. . . .

Old window screen prior to painting


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