Sew Easy Denim Apron

Finished product!

(Sorry, for the super cheesy Sew Easy Denim Apron!)

Denim remnants from my denim rug project—what’s a girl to do?  I needed a cute little apron that could work double-duty:  1)  handle a hard day’s work in the garden (right!), and 2) pull off a lovely evening in the kitchen.  As you can tell from the above picture, this apron has yet to see the (natural) light of the outdoors.  It was super easy to design and fun to sew.  I apologize in advance if the directions seem “lacking,” but this was one of those situations where I just sat and looked at it until the right thing came to me.   Once you start, you’ll see.

I took a half yard of denim and since this was a light-colored denim, there was no distinguishing between the right and wrong sides–so I solved the tedious problem of a lining.

Double-folding one short edge, sewed a ¼″ seam, and then pulled that edge up about two-thirds of the way up the length of the fabric, on the opposite side, making one large pouch in anticipation of the pockets.  I secured the pouch in place with a straight stitch across both bottom (¼″) and top.  Once the large pouch was sewn, I then determined how many pockets— and their sizes—I wanted and sewed a straight stitch for each pocket.

Making pockets from pouch

Around the remaining three raw edges, I sewed a straight stitch ¼″ from each edge.  I then “picked” around the edge for a frayed look.

Making fringe

I folded over the top about 2″ and sewed a straight stitch (using fancy top stitching) and slipped in webbing for the tie.


That’s all, folks!


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