“A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.”

The above Bernard Meltzer quote defines most of my friendships—my friends all know I am slightly cracked!

While I might not be one to have hordes of friends, the friends I do have are true friends and not mere acquaintances.   One dear friend, from the day I met her, has been a confidante, an advocate, and sometimes accomplice (!), had her birthday recently.  We always exchange thoughtful gifts, but as I get more and more stuff, I realize I need less and less stuff.  It’s time I crave.  More time. . . .

With that in mind, I knew I really wanted to spend time with my friend and celebrate friendship, not necessarily a birthday.  Hum, now that I think about this, maybe I’m not a good friend because it was her birthday, yet I gave her the gift I wanted to receive. . . .   (I might need to think over what appears to be underlying motives!)

I knitted her a small personal gift I hoped would be something special and then whisked her away to spend 36 hours in an area I have always found charming and have always wanted to share with her.

I’d love to say everything went according to the perfect girls’ retreat plan I had in my head, but alas, people get lost, blankety-blank road construction happens, etc.!  Still, I had a terrific time showing my friend this area.  We shopped alongside charming brick-lined streets, tasted great and not-so-great wine (hot pumpkin wine—yes for me, no for her!), shared a leisurely dinner at a vineyard with my daughter-in-law, and received wet kisses from the cutest grandson ever!

Here’s to good friends.  Pass on good karma by celebrating friendships, not gifts.  Laugh with friends, cry with friends.  The only song I remember from my half summer at Camp Fern is:  Make new friends, but keep the old.  One is silver and the other gold.  Happy birthday to a gold friend!


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