What a Jerky!

What the heck is charcuterie?

I’ve noticed a new buzz word when browsing through magazines such as Food & Winecharcuterie.  Okay, let’s get something straight–we Pioneer Girls (and Guys) have known about charcuterie and been eating it for years.  However, we like to use more rustic terms:  Jerky.  Sausage.  Slim Jim.  Okay, I’m kidding about that last one, but seriously, charcuterie?

When I married Better Half, I quickly learned that it would be in my best interest to learn how to cook wild game and fish. Along the way I discovered that I love not only figuring how different ways to cook wild game and fish, but preserving them as well.  Last year during a pheasant hunting adventure, one of the game cabins we stopped in had a beautiful bowl sitting in the middle of the dining table.  This bowl was brimming with pounds of the most delicious homemade deer jerky.  We stuffed our pockets (and mouths) full of these delicious morsels so that while walking the rows of corn to flush the pheasants we would have the energy to actually make it to the end of the row!

I love experimenting with brines, rubs, mixtures, herbs, spices, etc.  I made five pounds of deer jerky this past week, and in the words of my brother-in-law, it’s good and good for you!

Because the taste of jerky is such a personal thing, I’m not going to include my recipe here.  However, if you have ever toyed with the idea of making your own jerky, sausages, etc., I highly recommend you do so.  It’s fun, super easy and very satisfying.


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