Vintage Luggage Rack

I spent a great day with a friend antiquing last weekend.  Karma must have been in my path because as we were perusing an off-the-beaten-track antique shop, I saw IT.   What I have been trying to find for years.  Sitting on the front porch of this derelict looking shop, pushed up against rusted, dirty, and battered antiques and junk— a vintage luggage rack.  I’ve been looking for one for our guest room for years.  I wasn’t specifically looking for antique or vintage; new or gently used would have been fine.  I just didn’t want to spend mucho dinero on a “luxury” item for a guest room I never “guest” in!

When I first saw, I didn’t get my hopes up.  I have found several vintage/antique racks, yet when I pull them out they’re torn, wobbly; just plain junk.  I couldn’t believe my luck!  This one, other than the mahogany wood needing refinishing, was perfect.  Well, almost.  It was filthy and had big wads of dirt between the wood and tapestry straps, but otherwise, perfect.  Super sturdy, no parts broken, no parts missing.   My first thought was wow, my next thought was how much?  And there it was; on a blue piece of painter’s tape: $3.00.  Holy cow!

I’m now the proud owner of a vintage luggage rack.  I cleaned it up and discovered that once I delicately washed the tapestry straps, they look quite pretty and don’t need replacing.

I then noticed an old gold sticker on the underside:  “This is a genuine Scheibe product.  Fine quality accessories since 1914.”  Well, well.  So I did some quick research, found out that Scheibe had been bought by another manufacturer, but they are still producing the same luggage racks; even this one.  It’s pretty obvious, based on the hardware, condition, and the infamous gold sticker, that my luggage rack is definitely not new.  How old, we’ll never know.  I do know this–the new ones sell for almost 30 times the amount I paid!

Most items in this shop were very reasonably priced and it was a super fun place to “pick.”  The owner was a very pleasant, laid-back gentleman; good karma is coming his way.


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