Cool lights

I saw an idea similar to this on a blog, but it involved canning jars, Outdoor Mod Podge, coloring, blah, blah.  As I said, I like all things crafty, but my ADD brain does not allow me to actually follow through with complex instructions.  Okay, I really can, but I prefer to do things FAST.  I like instant gratification.  So, here’s the FAST way to accomplish these super cool lights, which I must say, look quite lovely outside my window at dark… Better Half, when he gets home from out-of-state, is going to wonder why we need “more junk”  (his words, not mine)!

What I did was scour my old jar collection (I did go to one antique store and bought two $1 jars) and found an old blue Vick’s jar and an old amber snuff jar.  I bought two uber cheap solar lights from the local big box store (I know, I know, but I have no other option in the boonies) and tore them apart.  I cleaned the jars and using wire (Better Half had in his garage/playhouse) I attached the solar lights to the jars.  On the Vick’s jar I dropped it into a small quilted canning jar I had.  The results:  well, you tell me!  $3.50 or less each and they make me feel special.


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