Reusable (Un)Paper Towels

The Eco-Friendly Quicker Picker Upper.

In my quest to become more environmentally friendly, plus the fact that the older I get the cheaper I become, today I sewed two dozen Reusable (Un)Paper Towels.  I can’t take the credit myself, I must thank Tricia, blogger from every{nothing}wonderful.  After a frustrating couple days with some “bargain” paper towels, I tweeted that I was worthy of buying expensive paper towels.  To my surprise, my new Twitter friend Tricia replied with a comment regarding unpaper towels.  Never heard of them.  I did a little research, thanks to a link she sent me, and was intrigued.  I started to place an order, but after reading more on the idea, I decided to sew the unpaper towels.

At the local big box store I was able to purchase the necessary fabric I wanted:  birdseye cotton.  Hum, not in the regular fabric section, but in the baby section.  Yep, I bought one dozen flat (unfolded) birdseye cotton diapers for about $5.00 (on sale).  They’ve set next to my sewing machine for a few weeks, but today I was motivated.  Jiminy Crickets, what a fun and fast project.  Two flat diapers, put together, cut into quarters, and sewn together, make four very generously-sized Reusable (Un)Paper Towels, so I have two dozen towels.  They’re bigger than my Viva paper towels, super soft, and very absorbent.  I really was shocked.  I thought I was probably just making a bunch of rags for Better Half to use outside, but I used one for lunch and was pretty darn happy.  After the sandwich, I wadded the towel up, wet it, wiped off the counters and threw it in a laundry basket.

Thanks Tricia for making me feel a little better about myself and my part in the environment.  Your courage to speak up and encourage me to think outside the box is much appreciated!

Reusable (Un)Paper Towels

Lay two flat (unfolded) birdseye diapers together.  Cut in half cross-wise and then length-wise.  You will have four two-layered towels to sew.  Since the diapers’ edge is already finished, first sew the two unfinished edges together.  I used my ¼” quilting foot.  After your “L” shaped edges are sewn together, turn inside out and using a straight stitch, stitch the finished edges together in a straight stitch (again, I used my quilting) foot.  Bingo, you’re done!  That took, what one minute to sew one towel?!

Enjoy and feel good about yourself for not throwing all that paper in your landfill.  Good karma to you and Tricia!


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  1. Tricia @ {every}nothing wonderful
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 16:32:27

    Aw – thank YOU for thinking outside the box with me…and not just writing the idea off. I really love my unpaper towels – and, like you, was amazed that I liked them better than “real” paper towels. I really was skeptical but now I don’t think I’ll ever go back!


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