Road Tripping

I adore road trips.

Getting in a car and visiting new places, and even old, familiar places, is a thrill for me.  While living in Alaska that was the one thing I really missed.  Alaska is gorgeous, vast, and beautiful, but when you get in your car and drive for 5 hours one direction, turn around and drive 5 hours in another direction, and then turn another notch and drive 10 hours, each destination pretty much looks the same.  Don’t get me wrong, Alaska is awe-inspiring, but each quirky little town is eerily similar to all the quirky towns.  Mountains, rivers, oceans, homes with tarps, dogs, more dogs, more dogs, mountains; you get the picture.  Plus, there are only so many (actually, so few) major roads in Alaska upon which to travel.  Look at an Alaskan map and you’ll see.  No venturing off the beaten path there; no m’am.  There is a reason Alaskans have a lot of frequent flier miles.

Here, in most parts of the Lower 48, you can take off in a bazillion directions and just drive. You can go from rain forest to ocean, mountain to desert, rolling hills to flatlands.  You can visit the World’s largest rocking chair (been there!), see the Corn Cob Palace (been there!), drink wine straight from the vineyard, drink bourbon straight from the barrel, pick corn off the cob and cotton out of the field.

Road tripping is fun.  Different accents crack me up, and the different food regions are inspiring to a cooking fanatic.

Get outside and explore this beautiful planet while you can. Better yet, take a friend and take nothing for granted.  Good karma coming your way.


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