Biscuits, at last!

Ah, biscuits.  I love you guys.  I really love you best smothered in homemade sausage gravy.

In an earlier post I mentioned that I am not a great breakfast cook as far as dealing with the basics.  Eggs—nope.  Pancakes—are you kidding me?  Omelets—that would be Better Half’s specialty.  But gravy?  Wowza, I make a mean sausage gravy.  I even make amazing liver gravy (yes, liver) and, brace yourself—squirrel gravy so good you’ll want to lick the pan.   Liver gravy goes on liver (and mashed potatoes!); squirrel gravy goes on top of fried squirrel (and mashed potatoes!); and sausage gravy goes on top of, urg, frozen biscuits.   I’m just not a talented biscuit maker.  That all changed last week.

How did I suddenly become a great biscuit maker?  A very close friend let me in on her secret recipe for homemade biscuits.  I tried it and shockingly enough, I made real biscuits.  I swore to her I would not divulge her secret recipe, so for now I am just sharing only a hint of my beautiful biscuits.  I am going to work on mastering my own biscuit recipe so I will have one to share.

Good gravy-no gravy necessary!


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